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Starts January 8, 2024
Ends March 31, 2024
Hosted by: House Mountain Yarn Co (Lexington, VA, The Knittin’ Coop (Salem, VA), The Stitch Witch (Bedford, VA)
1. Prepare a list of projects and include you best estimate of:
a. Pattern name
b. Date started
c. Percentage completed (More than 25% & less than 50%-UFO's must be within these %'s to qualify) 
d. Photo or bring actual project to your can email your photo's to your LYS--If you keep your projects on Ravelry you may submit the Ravelry page.
2. Fill out Google online or paper form at your LYS by Jan. 7, if possible.
3. Report your project completions no later than April 1, 2024.
All participants get a commemorative button for entering

Prizes will be awarded to individuals for highly classified categories which are currently held under high security in Roswell, NM.

The local yarn store who has the most completed projects wins an intergalactic trophy.