Yarn Journal of Scottish Yarns

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Yarn - The Journal of Scottish Yarns is a new bi-annual journal focusing on community, history, culture, and creativity of textiles in Scotland. This new publication promises to be a colorful and insightful view of all things yarn related, making connections and joining threads.

Welcome to the first issue! of The Journal of Scottish Yarns, Spring / Summer 2022

Contents include articles:

  • Short History of Scottish Textiles: A run through the History of Scottish Textiles illustrated with some of the panels from The Great Tapestry of Scotland

  • Newburgh Handloom Weavers: From South Uist to the Scottish Borders and Fife, Newburgh Handloom Weavers are producing handwoven bespoke tweed on looms with a story

  • The Native Sheep Breeds of Scotland: Steeped in more than 6,000 years of history, Scottish sheep are an interesting flock

  • The Story of Iona Wool: The story of how single origin Iona Wool came to be created

  • The Border Mill: What do you do when you have more alpaca fleece than you can hand-spin? Set up a new mill in Duns in the Scottish Borders

  • Stitching Loyalty: An 18th century embroidery making a statement of loyalty to the exiled Stuart royal family

  • Dovecot Studios produce a tapestry woven masterpiece from a masterpiece of a masterpiece

  • Learning to Spin: Some of the experts in and around Scotland share their advice on learning a specific craft

Issue 1 features a range of unique patterns with full instructions:

  • Knitting patterns: Cowl (in large and small sizes), Sleeveless Vest, Triangular Shawl, Versatile Tabard

  • Crochet patterns: Summer Top, Waterfall-front Cardigan, Fingerless Mitts

  • Crewelwork sampler: by Susie Finlayson, suitable for beginners


Issue 2 has so many great articles and patterns, a page of it's own has been added to the website.

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