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Doodle Card Decks

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Wanna be a knitwear designer…well it just got easier! 


Don't know where to start? Don't worry! My Doodle Patterns are designed to be completely flexible and this workbook will help get you started with ease!

Seriously, knit exactly what you want, every time, in an easy-to-follow modular structure.

Just follow these 4 Easy Steps:

  • CHOOSE YOUR THEME: Pick the Doodle Chart Set that has the motifs you want, or pick several chart expansions to mix-and-match - they all work together!
  • CHOOSE YOUR PATTERN: Pick which pattern, style, or construction method you prefer - every chart works with every pattern in the series!
  • CHOOSE YOUR YARNS: Pick a skein or two for your main color and a handful of minis for contrast colors – or create a stash buster with less than 10g per color!
  • START KNITTING: Pick your first chart and first colors and start knitting your pattern! You can change it up with every new motif!

You can knit the same pattern again and again (and again) – never getting bored because can be completely different every time! Endless customization with one pattern. 


Endless customization with one pattern - now in your favorite portable colorwork stitch dictionary! Use these modular, mix-and-match motifs to design and knit the perfect pattern! Knit it again and again, because you'll never get bored!

Core Seasonal Doodle Decks contain 51 colorwork charts, and each Doodle Expansion pack adds 24 brand new charts! Grab them all to complete your Doodle Collection!