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Lantern Moon

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December 2021 KnitPro acquired the rights to Lantern Moon Brand! 

In the early 2000’s these were my favorite needles to knit with…I still have 2 sheep tape measures in my knitting bag. NOW you can buy the products too!!


Sheep Tape Measures

These whimsical merino sheep tape measures come in a variety of natural colors. Metric and English measurements are shown on opposite sides of a 5’ long retractable measure. $15


Baabs Accessories Holder

This adorable ewe exists to make your work even more enjoyable. She promises to always be on hand and hold anything you might need to make your work going smoothly. She’s weighted for stability so you don’t need to worry about her falling on the job. The pockets on her apron can carry multiple small items and your scissors can easily be affixed, with velcro closure, at the end of that ribbon she brings with her.

Note: No tools includes $20


Sherpa Accessories Holder

This softly padded sheep will keep all your needed accessories close at hand and hold all manner of useful items. There is enough room for you to store any needed knitting accessories here. The soft cotton lining ensures all will be protected.

Note: No tools included $20


Meadow Stitch Markers

These little metallic sheep shaped stitch markers help you keep track of your stitch count and row endings. The ring fits most needle sizes (up to 9mm/US13) and they come 6 to a pack. $12