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Soap S.A.C.K.S

Supporting A Community with Kindness

Join us as we make soap sacks for our community needs, The Knittin' Coop is a drop off point for local needs. Crochet or knit these much needed items for our local food pantry, The Salem Food Pantry. As supplies are needed we will donate to Roanoke Rescue Mission, disaster relief efforts, Church mission trips, social service agencies and the Veterans Administration.

What are soap sacks? Not only does it hold a bar of soap it can also serve as the washcloth.

Soap S.A.C.K website


Here are links to patterns: 


Spiral Soap Sack (by my friend Liz at Arrow Acres Farm/Cocktail Hour at the Coop) She has also created a YouTube Tutorial to help you get started.

Crochet Soap Sacks



Knit Soap Sacks




Additional Resources